Material Design based Topeka app gives a taste of Chrome apps on Android

Google had made clear that Material Design is not limited to Android itself and it will be used to create web apps, Chrome Apps and to integrate the web platform with the smartphone technology. During the Google I/O conference held in June this year, Google had given the demo of Polymer Framework using an app called Topeka, which is a trivial app based on Material design. Ever since then, Topeka is available on the Polymer website as a demo project.

Google planned to develop Chrome apps for Android, which are basically the web apps that are packaged to run on Android as native apps. This is achieved by using a Apache Cordova-based tool-kit which packs the web based app into a native android app. With this technology, Google plans on tightening grip on the web-based apps on Smartphones including Android and Iphone. Google has now launched the Topeka app on Playstore as an initiative for the Chrome Apps on Android.

Topeka is a trivial game which includes the functionality and design attributes of Material design which is the main design change on the upcoming Android L. The web app is on the Polymer Site since the Google I/O and it’s great fun to answer the quiz question. Google had used most of the Paper elements in the Topeka app to display the beauty of Material design. Now the Chrome app hit the Playstore which will run as a native app on Android

We’ve downloaded the app on our devices and tested it and we’ve already had our experience with the Topeka web app. From our experience, both the web app and the Chrome app feel the same and offer the similar snappy experience on both desktop and mobile devices. The paper elements looks fabulous on the Android device and with this app release, we are much more excited and looking forward for Android L to release.

Download the Topeka app from the Playstore link provided below:

  Download Topeka For Android