LineageOS adds support for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 LTE

Ever since LineageOS rose from the ashes of the defunct CyanogenMod in 2017, the community has been striving to release updates on a regular basis and to constantly add more supported devices.

Well, the latest to have been added to the roster is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 LTE tablet. LineageOS has set up a page for the device codenamed chagallte on their official page and interested parties can simply download the LineageOS 14.1 build from there.

Among the features, you’ll be getting if you install this nightly on your Galaxy Tab 10.5 LTE is a pure Android experience. Indeed, Lineage developers add lots of their own features, apps and tweaks, but they do respect Google’s interface. And the additions to the operating system don’t really feel out of place.

For example, there’s a tool called Privacy Guard that lets you control which permissions installed apps are allowed to use. On top of that, the system lets you choose which permissions new apps get by default. LineageOS also includes an Equalizer in the form of the AudioFX app that gives access to system-wide equalizer controls for enabling things like bass boost or selecting genre pre-sets.

Download LineageOS for Galaxy Tab S 10.5

The Galaxy Tab S 10.5 was launched back in 2014, so if you want to breathe some new life into it, you might want to install LineageOS 14.1 on it.

Android 9 Pie

Let’s hope that the Android 9 update based LineageOS 16 ROM becomes available for the device soon.


The only way an old device like the Tab S could get the Android Pie update if via an unofficial route of custom ROMs like LineageOS 16, as the device is not eligible for Samsung’s Android 9 Pie update, which by the way recently leaked for the Galaxy S9+.