LineageOS 16.0 ROM now available as Treble ROM

Ever since Project Treble came to being, developers have been hard at work coming in with Generic System Images (GSI) for supported devices and LineageOS is no exception.

Earlier this year, LineageOS 15.1 got support for Project Treble and today, it seems there’s an unofficial LineageOS 16 ROM available as a Treble ROM. This is some good news for users of the custom ROM, but as usual with unofficial software, all might not be rosy.

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The developer notes that this software is experimental and has only been tested on the Huawei Honor 7X. Known bugs include no full resolution, no torch, no hotspot, and USB MTP mode must be changed manually from the developer settings, among others.

To get a better insight into what the new LineageOS 16 ROM brings, check out the source link below. Still, it’s worth noting that this software is nowhere close to being stable, so be sure you know what you are getting into before attempting to flash it on your device.

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