Android 9 Pie finally rolling out for LG V20 in Korea

It’s been an excruciating and often hopeless wait, but it has finally come to a sweet conclusion, with LG finally releasing Android 9 Pie for its V20. As per LG’s blog post, the update has started rolling out in South Korea and should be released globally over the next days/weeks.

When the rest of the world is anticipating the rollout of Android 10, celebrating the release of Android 9 Pie might not seem like much. However, for owners of this 2016 LG flagship, it’s nothing short of a lifesaver.

So far, the update has only been made available for the K, S, and L variants as software version F800K30e, F800S30e, and F800L30e, respectively, but more devices are expected to join the pack.

The update brings all of the big Android 9 features such as Adaptive Battery, Digital Wellbeing, gesture-based navigation, improved permission control, and more. Alongside the features mentioned above, the update package also carries the October 2019 security patch.

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