LineageOS 15.1 based on Android 8.1 comes to Honor View 10, Mate 10 and more

Custom ROMs have been here for years and they continue to get better every year thanks to an enthusiastic community of developers from all over the globe.

We’ve seen ROM developers focusing more on Snapdragon-powered smartphones compared to other chipsets like MediaTek, however, this doesn’t mean buying a device with a non-Snapdragon chipset will deny you the chance to enjoy all the wonders that come with custom ROMs. If anything, it only means that you might get far much fewer options compared to Snapdragons.

Smartphones from Huawei don’t rely on Snapdragon chipsets, rather, they come with the company’s in-house Kirin chipsets. Still, there are plenty of custom ROMs targeting these phones, among them the latest and greatest LineageOS 15.1, which is based on Android 8.1 Oreo.

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The company’s flagship Huawei View 10 has recently received support for LineageOS 15.1. The fact that the View 10 is powered by a Kirin 970 chipset means the custom ROM should also work on any other device based on the same chipset. This is where the Huawei Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro come in.

According to folks at XDA Developers forum, the new LineageOS 15.1 ROM should, in fact, have no trouble working on any other Project Treble-enabled device. Apparently, all the important components are working perfectly, among them the camera, fingerprint scanner, wireless communication protocols, touch, video and audio playback, among others. On top of all this, you also get the tweaks that come courtesy of LineageOS 15.1.

The instructions to install LineageOS 15.1 on your Honor View 10 or Mate 10 handset should be routine for any modding enthusiast out there: unlock the bootloader, install custom recovery and flash the flash the image, which can be found on the XDA portal.

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