Lineage OS Official Builds to be available starting this weekend

The Lineage OS official builds will finally start rolling out this weekend, according to a a new post on the official blog. In what will be one of the biggest ever launch release for a custom ROM, Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow and Android 7.1.1 Nougat based builds for over 80 devices will be available for download from Lineage OS.

Unofficial builds of Lineage OS is already available for download for several devices. However, official builds are obviously better as you can expect full support from the team. Once the official builds are available, a new build will be released every week after that.

In the blog post, the company also mentioned that they would not include ROOT in the official ROMs. Instead, a separate downloadable zip will be available that will install root on your device via a manual flash. Of course, if you’re building your own ROM, you can include the Root switch yourself.

Lineage OS will also provide an experimental data migration build for download. Users can install this build before installing the Lineage OS build, and migrate data from their previous CM installation.

This won’t work if you’re on CM 13 and Lineage OS 14.1, so make sure you download and flash the correct builds for your device. Once the data migration build is installed, you can upgrade to the latest weekly builds of Lineage OS without losing data. For more information, head to the source link.

Source: Lineage OS

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  1. Weekend is over but not yet see official built that disappointed me

  2. Weekend is over but not yet see official built that disappointed me

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