LG V50 bootloader unlocking now allowed in Europe

LG V50 ThinQ

Owners of the LG V50 ThinQ in Europe can now unlock the bootloader of their devices on their way to rooting them and installing custom ROMs.

The company has updated the list of devices whose bootloaders can now be unlocked, but only model LMV500EM of the V50 ThinQ is on the list, which isn’t surprising by all means.

The last LG device to support unlocking the bootloader in the U.S. was the LG G6. Since then, this support has been added to the likes of LG V30, LG G7, and LG V40 in Europe with no activity in the U.S. camp.

The latest to join the party now is the LG V50, a device that is already available stateside via Sprint. Given their recent track record, it’s possible that even the V50 won’t support bootloader unlocking on the U.S. variant.

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