Is YoWhatsApp safe?

Is YoWhatsApp safe

WhatsApp, which happens to be the leading messaging app in the world, is loaded with cool features and hidden tricks. The Facebook-owned service is widely regarded as one of the most useful tools and tries to keep the users interested through periodic updates.

Many users, however, aren’t always content with the official releases and want more out of their day-to-day apps. The only option, then, is to count on the genius of developers, who add some cool features through unofficial mods. WhatsApp, too, has a popular modded version in the market called YoWhatsApp. And today, we’ll tell you all the things you should consider before hitting the download button.

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What is YoWhatsApp?

Built on the original source of WhatsApp, YoWhatsApp, in many ways, is a better version of the messaging app we all use and love. It looks and feels almost the same, but has some added features that make life simpler. Like WhatsApp, YoWhatsApp is free and can be downloaded in a heartbeat.

What are the special features of YoWhatsApp?

WhatsApp, in its current form, is quite a powerful app. It has Dark mode, it encrypts your messages, gives you the option to upload pictures and videos as stories, and allows you to exchange files with your loved ones on the fly. However, there are still some areas it needs to focus on — areas YoWhatsApp excels in.

YoWhatsApp gives you the option to restrict visibility and enhance privacy. You can restrict phone calls from chosen numbers, appear unavailable to a handful, hide your ‘last seen,’ change fonts, send bigger files, and more. It is an exceptional app with an abundance of features and can really come in handy for enthusiasts.

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Can you download YoWhatsApp from Google Play?

As it’s a modified version of the original WhatsApp application, it goes against Google Play Store’s policies. Hence, this application isn’t available on the Store and is only available through shady, non-official websites — sites that don’t take responsibility if things go south. If you’re still okay with it, you can download YoWhatsApp from LatestModAPKs (or any other providers) by making a Google Search for the term ‘YoWhatsApp APK’.

What are the risks associated with not downloading from a trusted source like Play Store?

When you decide to download from an unknown source, you either toss caution into the wind or aren’t aware of the risk associated with the act. If you’re a part of the first pack, we probably don’t have any new information that would change your mind. However, if you’re only contemplating the decision, we believe there are a few things you should consider before doing so.

If you’re not careful enough, you could end up downloading a Potentially Harmful Application or PHA, which could really take a toll on your smartphone experience. There are millions of PHAs floating around on the internet. So, it’s really easy to download one PHA and give it the limitless access it craves.

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Permission abuse and ransomware

Most PHAs hide their original purpose from the end-user and take part in shady activities that can easily take a toll on the user’s well being. For example, a shady calculator app would probably ask for accessibility permission, which would grant it the option to peep on other apps or even become the device administrator. Once it becomes the device administrator, it can then encrypt your data and ask for a hefty ransom to return your precious files back to you. You could go from enjoying the look and feel of your new calculator to paying a large sum for your data in a matter of minutes.


The next most obvious abuse of power is straight-up theft. Again making use of the accessibility permission option, it could end up sneaking money off your online wallets or bank account. In December 2018, ESET discovered a sneaky trojan — masquerading as a battery optimization tool — which could steal up to 1000 euros from PayPal in a matter of seconds. This superfast process made sure that users wouldn’t be able to intervene in time even if they understand the mechanisms of the app.

There are also some petty apps that make use of your phone number to send messages to or call premium numbers, which boosts your mobile bill significantly.

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There are also many apps that pose as legit apps — like Facebook, WhatsApp, or even banking apps — and ask you to log in. Once you enter your credentials, the apps ship off the username and password to a remote server and access sensitive information without breaking a sweat.

Additionally, as these apps are very poorly optimized, battery life usually takes a major hit, and app crashes become annoyingly frequent.

Should you download YoWhatsApp from an unknown source?

It’s hard to ignore the allure of YoWhatsApp, and we believe, many have already downloaded and installed the app. It’s true the there haven’t been any reports of theft and fraud, which pretty much means that YoWhatsApp may not be the worst one out there. However, that doesn’t simply mean that the threats associated with unauthorized downloads aren’t real.

So, if you are someone who uses sensitive applications — like banking apps — every day and wants to keep the device secure at all costs, we’d recommend not to download the app and wait patiently for WhatsApp to roll out some of the features that the app provides. Else, if you simply want to get the most out of your smartphone and don’t mind taking a few risks, go ahead and download the app from here.

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