Why create a WhatsApp chat with yourself

As is the case with every human being, we have dozens of ideas on a given day. Some are related to the things you do for work, while some are reserved for the stuff you may want to do when you get back home. Some things you might just need to remember doing some time in the future.

While there are Note-taking apps that exist solely to remind us of those things, most of these ideas get lost in the process as you cannot immediately act on them. But the question remains – why do you have to use a note-taking app when you already have WhatsApp on your phone? With the right set of tweaks, you can send texts to yourself and even share files and documents between all go your devices with ease.

Take notes with ease

Creating a chat with yourself will let you take quick notes without needing to install another app and bringing yourself to use it. You can also pin a thread of chat that you’re using for yourself so that every time you open WhatsApp, you can view the thread and enter the thoughts you wanted to enter moments ago.

To create a to-do list

Besides taking notes of your random musings, you might also use WhatsApp to remind yourself of things to do on a given day. You can jot down the list of things you might need to shop and take care of for your upcoming day on your WhatsApp thread. This will be helpful even when you forget something as WhatsApp is one of those apps you open often.

Drop files and access them later

In addition to sending texts, the popular messaging app is also used to send pictures, videos, files, and documents to friends, co-workers, and family. The same goes when creating a group for yourself. You can send pictures, documents, and videos to yourself so that you’ll be able to access it at a later stage.

Transfer files and documents to your phone from PC and vice versa

While you can share files with ease, creating a thread/group for yourself means you can transfer documents and other files between your different devices quickly. The most basic selling point of this utility is transferring stuff between your phone and your PC since WhatsApp can be accessed on both platforms.

Save links for viewing later

When browsing the web, you might stumble into a webpage or two that you want to read but have other important things to take care of. While you can bookmark pages onto your web browser of choice, more times than not, those bookmarks end up unopened. With WhatsApp, you can quickly share links of these webpages to your own thread so that you can view them later and also not forget about them.

Your notes, to-do lists, files, and links always remain backed up

Since WhatsApp backs up your chats and files (if you choose to) every day at 2 AM, all of the notes, links, files, pictures, documents and to-do lists will be backed up on a regular basis, so that you don’t lose the things that you jotted down, even when you lose your phone.

Save space by not installing a note-taking app

In addition to the reasons mentioned above, using WhatsApp for more than just chatting with friends and family means you no longer need apps that have an exclusive use case. This avoids crowding up space on your phone and other devices with apps that you don’t need to let you accomplish simple tasks.

How to create a WhatsApp chat with yourself

Well, there are two methods to create a WhatsApp chat that only you are the exclusive member of. Visit the link below to learn how to create a WhatsApp with self in a zippy.

How to create a WhatsApp chat with yourself

Do you already use WhatsApp for more than chatting with your friends and family? Let us know how else you use it in the comments below. 

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