Is HGTV Going Away in 2021?

Discovery Plus marks a concerted push by the Discovery Network to follow the flow of consumer attention away from traditional (and expensive) cable bundles and towards the increasingly populated subscription-based streaming market. Indeed, with 55,000 episodes from the entire compendium of Discovery Network’s 15 channel’s worth of programming shifting online alongside a slew of Discovery Plus-exclusive Originals content, Discovery Plus might just be the biggest threat to… well… Discovery Network’s on-air broadcasts.

Being able to throw up an episode of Property Brothers or Home Town or (an uncensored) 90 Day Fiance is a big, big deal compared to paying for the privilege of being subject to the whim of broadcasting schedules. Thus, with everything moving so forcefully online, many are wondering if HGTV or any other channels will go away in 2021, riding the winds of emerging platforms onto greener pastures.

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Is HGTV Going Away in 2021?

If you’re worried that HGTV is going to up and vanish in the wake of Discovery Plus and spirit away all of your favorite programs, you can relax. HGTV is not going away in 2021. 

The classic, family-friendly channel is here to stay. Furthermore, fans of HGTV actually have a lot to be excited for; The channel announced plans last October for a 16-title strong lineup of brand new shows for viewers to sink their teeth into — so by no means is HGTV going anywhere. The channel is, by all accounts, here to stay for the long haul.

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Ranging from new shows with familiar faces to brand new entrants into the HGTV family, HGTV will be coming out with a slew of home renovation, cooking, and family-oriented programming for you to enjoy.

From The Forty-Year Old Property Virgin which will follow fully-grown adults still living with their parents as they venture out for their first home buying experience to Breaking Bland, a new design-focused docu-series, there are numerous new titles for HGTV fans to sink their teeth into this year.

That said, Discovery Plus will be serving up everything HGTV has to offer — alongside everything it ever offered — so if you’re a die-hard HGTV fan, it may worth your while to consider signing up for the newest subscription-based streaming service.

Relieved? What do you make of Discovery Plus? If you have any further questions regarding the eventual fate of HGTV or any other of the Discovery network’s lineup, feel free to holler at us down below — we’ll get right back to you.


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