Is Gingerbread the Name for Android 2.4 too? Wow!

Android 2.3 which has been released with Nexus S is going to find a likable companion in Android 2.4 as the latter is also rumored to be called just ‘Gingerbread’ — the codename we’ve been using to identify Android 2.3, well, so far.

We would call it a sort of Déjà Vu for us Android fan boys. Remember the Motorola Droid? The same phone which we love to term as ONE legendary phone that proved a game-changer in the smartphone race and pushed android to higher levels? Well, the Droid was released with a newer version of android that time, called Android 2.0 while the rest of android phones were beating their heart with either of Android 1.5 or Android 1.6. Android 2.0 was then called “Éclair” but when Nexus One (another game-changer Android phone that upped the ante further) was launched, with even newer version Android 2.1, it was termed Éclair too. You can surely draw an inference by now about what is happening in this great period of time, too.

So, this story might happen again with Nexus S (doing the role of Droid) and Android 2.3 Gingerbread (in the role of Android 2.0). We might see the manufacturers and carriers totally skip Android 2.3 and hit the update button directly for Android 2.4 – which makes sense too, since this will not only save lot of testing for respective software teams but also reduce the burden on the users too, to update their phones — and corresponding failures and solution (just kidding!).

Frankly, we’re okay with getting Android 2.4 directly and with Froyo already almost everywhere it had to be, some patience for greater version won’t kill us!

Plus, we also know that the so-called version of Android, that will begin with I (rumored to be called Ice Cream / Ice Cream Sandwich) is coming soon too, maybe at Google’s grand annual I/O in May 2011, and will even combine the goodness of Android 2.3 (or 2.4, maybe) Gingerbread and Android 3.0 (Honeycomb). Whatever it is and will be, we’re already starting to love it. Yep! What about you?

Via Android Central

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  1. No , after 2.3 next android release versions is 3.0 which is called HoneyComb.

    android 2.3 is Gingerbread

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