Is Discovery Plus Worth It?

No matter what 2021 has in stock, you will definitely not be deprived of interesting content to watch. With a new streaming platform in the form of Discovery Plus, cord-cutters can start relying less on television for their dosage of Discovery network shows. If you have been pondering about whether to spend that extra money on another streaming platform then let us help you make an informed decision.

What is Discovery Plus?

The Discovery family of networks has a new home in the form of the Discovery Plus streaming platform. Non-fiction shows from the network have been made available in a single place. Discovery programming lovers can enjoy rewatching their favorite shows on the platform.

To subscribe you need to pay for the ad-free or with ad pack.

How much is the Discovery Plus subscription?

Discovery Plus is one of the cheaper platforms out there. To subscribe to the version with ads you need to pay $4.99 per month.

Sick of dealing with ads in between your content? You can cut out the ads to better your viewing experience on Discovery Plus. For the ad-free version, you simply need to pay $2 extra. So, with the $6.99 per month, you can watch shows and documentaries without pesky ads.

Irrespective of the subscription package you choose, the content will be the same. There is no exclusive content for the $6.99 pack that is unavailable for the $4.99 subscription. Ads are the only difference between the packs.

Is it possible to get Discovery Plus for free?

Before you do go spending your hard-earned money on the subscription, let us inform you that you can get the ad-free subscription for free.

We are not talking about the seven-day free trial you get on signing up for the platform.

Discovery has partnered with Verizon to give pre-existing as well as new users the chance to get a free subscription. The span of the free subscription period depends on the Verizon connection/pack you have.

Existing Verizon Unlimited users can get the offer if they have Start Unlimited, Do More Unlimited, Get More Unlimited, or Play More Unlimited packs.

New users of Verizon Fios and 5G Home are also eligible for a year of free Discovery Plus ad-free subscription depending on their plans.

Is it possible to cancel the Discovery Plus subscription?

Discovery Plus is not a quicksand that you cannot escape from.

You can easily cancel your Discovery Plus subscription. The cancellation can be done:

  • From Discovery Plus website
  • From your iOS or Andriod device
  • From the Amazon website or app
  • From the Verizon website

When you do cancel the subscription you can continue streaming till the end of your billing period.

Which platforms support Discovery Plus?

Discovery Plus can easily be accessed from a range of devices much like the other popular streaming platforms. Since its launch on January 4, the Discovery Plus app has been compatible with a plethora of platforms.

Using your computer you can visit the Discovery Plus website, log in, and start streaming.

The Discovery Plus App can be downloaded for streaming on:

  • iOS devices
  • Andriod devices
  • Apple TV
  • 2017 and onwards models of Samsung TV
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Roku
  • Chromecast with Google
  • Google Chromecast and devices with Chromecast in-built
  • Microsoft Xbox- Xbox One, Series S, and Series X

While the platform is not collaborating with cable or satellite television service providers, viewers can still watch Discovery Plus on their televisions. Amazon Prime Video Channels will also soon support the streaming platform.

What content does Discovery Plus have?

When it comes to content you will definitely love the library that Discovery Plus has.

At its launch, the platform had over 55,000 episodes from more than 2,500 shows. Non-fiction shows and reality shows ranging from natural history to lifestyle are available for subscribers. Shows like 90 Days Fiance, Magnolia Table with Joanna Gaines, Mythbusters, Ghost Adventures: Cecil Hotel, The Deadliest Catch, Property Brothers, and many more have become available on the platform. The library boasts older episodes of fan-favorite shows as well as exclusive content from Discovery.

By visiting their website you can get a glimpse of all the shows that are there. However, to get a more conclusive idea of the list of shows you can start the free trial.

Are Live shows available on Discovery Plus?

A lot of people have been confused about the existence of Discovery Plus and how it affects Discovery Go and discovery network channels on television. Are you curious about which shows are moving to Discovery Plus?

So far, it seems that none of the shows will be “moving” from television to the platform.

This is because Discovery Plus does not support live streaming. The new episodes of ongoing shows will not be available on the platform. Discovery Plus will have all the episodes of older shows and exclusive content. But if you are looking to keep up with your on-going shows then you may have to wait a while for them to be added to the platform’s library.

Discovery Go is the app that supports live streaming of Discovery network shows. So, if you want to watch the latest episodes of on-going shows then you can log onto Discovery Go with your cable/satellite service provider’s details. The episodes of on-going shows are added to Discovery Go within hours of their television premiers.

However, it has remained fairly unclear if popular shows will be eventually moved from television to Discovery Plus sometime soon. It has become clear that shows on the upcoming channel, Magnolia Network, will not be on television. Time will tell if popular shows will be live-streamed exclusively.

Is Discovery Plus worth it?

So, at an additional cost of $4.99/$6.99 for a platform where you cannot keep up with the latest episodes of Discovery shows, is Discovery Plus worth it?

The answer depends totally on you…

If you want to go back and enjoy a rich library full of Discovery network’s shows from all 15 of their associated channels then it is definitely worth it.

If you want to watch shows on Magnolia Network, which is apparently exclusively on Discovery Plus, then the subscription is a must-have.

If you want a peek at exclusive content from BBC in association with Discovery then you have to subscribe.

If you are sick of formulaic movies and shows that Netflix and Amazon Prime keep pushing out, and want some refreshing reality-based content then Discovery Plus is the way to go.

It is also unclear if your beloved show will be pulled from television to Discovery Plus. So, you can plan ahead and get subscribed.

In conclusion, if the content on the platform is your binge material then it is definitely worth the free trial before the paid subscription.

Netizen’s verdict!

Since the announcement of a new platform by Discovery, there has been a mixed response from the netizens. While some chord cutters have rejoiced the additional platform’s release, many Discovery faithful have not been pleased with the paid platform’s existence.

This Twitter user was glad to get their favorite show at their convince:

This Reddit user calculated how Discovery Plus in combination with other streaming platforms would help them save money:

With Discovery Plus we can finally get rid of live TV from cordcutters

This Twitter user seemed simply happy with the exclusive content on the platform:

These users however were pretty unhappy with having to pay for exclusive 90 Days Fiance content:

Another Reddit user pointed out that Discovery Plus subscribers are yet to get access to recent episodes of shows:

A bunch of unhappy Discovery viewers took to Twitter to complain:

At least Discovery Plus has been a weirdly positive addition to some lives-

So, what do you think of Discovery Plus? Will you be signing up or signing off for your favorite shows? Share your thoughts in the comments.


  1. If they threw a few channels in there that I wasn’t already paying for on sling then maybe I would sign up. I only really want it for pimple popper and 90 day. I might get Acorn instead. Bummer.

  2. Yikes are you paid to hype this total crsp

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