Will Property Brothers Still Be on HGTV? Will It Move to Discovery Plus?

The titular Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott have hosted over 400 episodes under their brand name. With 14 seasons of the original Property Brothers under their belts and several fun spinoffs like Brother vs Brother and Property Brothers: Forever Home, the dynamic home-renovation duo stands as one of HGTV’s biggest brands.

But with the Discovery Network taking the monumental leap into subscription-based streaming with the newly launched Discovery Plus and taking with them 55,000 episodes of the fifteen-channel network’s lineup of programming, many of the Scott brothers’ millions of fans are dying to know: will Property Brothers Still be on HGTV?

Will Property Brothers Still be on HGTV?

Die-hard fans of the home renovation’s most recognizable twins can breathe a sigh of relief: Property Brothers will indeed remain on HGTV’s roster of regularly airing programming. The duo has a three-year talent-deal in place with HGTV active into 2022 and will be continuing to create multiple streams of content for their longtime channel partner. That said, a new season of the original Property Brothers is yet to be renewed, so there’s no firm date on when we can expect to see the Scott brothers in their first iteration in 2021.

According to Scott Brothers Entertainment’s website, the portal for the production company formed when they bought the rights to Property Brothers, they are currently still casting for Property Brothers: Forever Home and Property Brothers: Make It Home, so views can rest assured they will have plenty to watch of the renovation twins in 2021.

Will Property Brothers Move to Discovery Plus?

While you’ll be able to keep up with the brothers on traditional cable, die-hard fans have good reason to check out Discovery Plus. If not for the literal millions of minutes of additional Discovery Network content ranging from the Food Network to Animal Planet to the Science Channel, but also everything Property Brothers that ever aired. That means all episodes of the original show, alongside each of its spinoffs in their entirety. The entire catalog of Property Brothers show will be available on Discovery Plus and still airing on cable — so fret not, there’s plenty of ways to get your Scott brothers binge on.

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