Instagram Screenshot Update: Is it real? Does the app notify them?

Whether it’s a hilarious meme or a chat to make a point in an argument, taking screenshots on Instagram is what one would consider an essential activity. Of course, the ability to enjoy Instagram’s screenshot feature is set around the premise that you can do it anonymously. After all, it’s no one’s business what you screenshot (especially if they those who’s posts or stories are subject to said screenshot).

Privacy, then, is two-fold, both for those who provide and those who consume. Indeed, Instagram is very thoughtful, right? So it’s no surprise that when we see a tweet like this, it starts to feel like everything is falling apart.

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What will be the consequences of such an Instagram update?

If you’re an avid screenshot taker, then this will mean a massive number of screenshots notifications that might overwhelm you. Still, the situation will not be as bad in comparison for an influencer or an extremely popular page which has been the subject of millions of screenshots. Just the thought of the barrage of notifications is enough to stop the process in its tracks.

On the brighter side, private users will get a decent idea of whether they’re being stalked by someone. But, this could also backfire for those who may have checked out someone’s profile for harmless gossip or literally just to check them out. Those secret crushes and obsessions will be out in the open for everyone to see.

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Is the Instagram Screenshot update real?

There has been no official or even legitimate enough updates to bring any sort of real merit to this speculation. In fact, sources are debunking this speculation with videos like this.

But the true measure of legitimacy comes from the fact that there has been no recent official announcement regarding any Instagram updates. Nevertheless, there always tends to be an origin point, and maybe, in this case, it could be that Instagram was beta testing a screenshot feature.

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When does Instagram notify about a Screenshot?

  • Well, only when screenshot a DM (Direct message) on Instagram

It could be possible that a user got spooked by the fact that they received a notification for a screenshot taken on DM and this has lead to the entire speculation about Instagram’s screenshot rules. Keep in mind that there is a very specific instance in which Instagram notifies the owner of the content when a screenshot has been taken like these like when a disappearing photo or video is shared via DM and the other party takes a screenshot.

Anything else, including posts, stories, videos or IGTV content among anything else that you can fathom that does not come in the realm of IGs disappearing content is exempt from IGs policing.

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Has there been speculation like this before?

Back in 2018, a concerned Twitter thread similar to the one we witnessed above emerged with a picture of the notification. It was not discernable from the notification whether it was for a DM and just how legitimate the claim was. However, this was the time when Instagram received major backlash for sending notifications to users for taking screenshots so there is certain merit to this claim.

…Finally, should you be worried about an Instagram screenshot update?

It’s safe to say that this news was fake and hence, not a cause for worry. It does not look like Instagram is going to introduce any such update in the future either. In a kind of ironic way, sending screenshot notification for public content on IG is a breach of the screenshot taker’s privacy. But more importantly, it’s a complete nightmare to function freely on an app when you’re being surveilled to such an extent. It’s an almost meta-level of voyeurism even on Instagram’s part and so, unlikely to ever be introduced as a feature on your favorite social media app.

We hope you found this article helpful! Take care and stay safe.


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