What Is The Instagram Alpha Program?

We all like to think that little elves fix all of our Instagram bugs, but the truth is Instagram features are put through rigorous testing before they are pushed out to the public. Beta programs are not uncommon for games and apps. They are used to experiment with a small group of testers to help iron out any issues that might turn up. Instagram has an alpha program that follows a similar protocol. Here is everything you need to know about it.

What is the Instagram alpha program?

Instagram is constantly being updated with new features to keep it ahead of the curve with regard to social media apps. However, before a feature is released, it needs to go through rigorous testing on a variety of devices. This helps iron out any issues that may arise.

The Instagram alpha program is basically an opt-in program that lets users try out the latest Instagram features in development. The alpha program requires users to sign up for it and then report any issues that they might face while using the new features. Instagram alpha does not take away from your Instagram experience. It is basically used as a platform to try out new features and see how well they are received and get feedback on bugs. You can opt-out of the program at any point and go back to using your stable Instagram app.

How to join the Instagram alpha program

To become a tester for the Instagram alpha program you need to sign up and install the app. This alpha app will replace the stable Instagram app on your device.

To join the alpha program, you need to first join the official ‘Instagram Alpha’ Google Group. Use the link below to open the group, then select ‘Join group’ to become a part of it. This will now let you get information about upcoming features bugs as well.

Link: Instagram Alpha Google Group

Next, you need to sign up for the alpha program by becoming a tester. Use the link to the Google Play Store below, and click ‘Become a Tester’.

Link: Instagram app testing

What happens once you become a tester

Once you become a tester for the Instagram alpha program, the Instagram app on your device will automatically be updated to the alpha version. If this does not happen, make sure that you are signed in with the right account on the Google Play Store.

The alpha program will push out updates to the app much more frequently than the stable version, so get ready to update your app every few days. You can keep an eye on what features are being tested out in the Instagram Alpha Google Group. You should remember that the alpha program includes bugs, app crashes, and of course eventual fixes. You cannot pick and choose the features that you would like. While the alpha program is definitely interesting and keeps you up to date with the latest features being tested out, you should not join the program if you use Instagram professionally.

What’s the difference between the Alpha and Beta programs?

Contrary to popular belief, the beta program is actually the one closer to the stable version! The alpha program is used to test out all features that may or may not make it to the stable version of the app; while the beta program is used to test out features that are most probably going to make it to the app.

The beta program is used to iron out the kinks and test user feedback on features that are almost ready to roll out. New potential features are usually first rolled out to the beta testers before they go mainstream.

How to leave the Instagram alpha program?

If you get fed up with the constant updates and app crashes, don’t worry there is a way out. You leave the alpha program at any point and resume using the stable version of the Instagram app.

To leave the alpha program, visit this link and click ‘Leave the Program’ in the bottom right corner.

Now on your device, uninstall the Instagram app, then head to the Play Store and download the stable version of the Instagram app.

We hope this article helped. Have you joined the Instagram alpha program yet? What are your thoughts on it? Let us know in the comments below.