Huawei P10 is now available to order from Optus

Huawei flagship smartphone, the P10, which was up for pre-order on Australian carrier Optus, is now available to order. The carrier is selling the phone in two color options — graphite black and dazzling blue — and the latter is exclusive to Optus in the country and not available on other carriers selling the P10.

The minimum cost for P10 listed on Optus is $1,272 which can be paid in installments by shelling out $53 per month ($40 for the plan and $13 for phone) for 24 months. The $53 is the basic plan and Optus is also offering other plans that go up to $160 per month.

At the time of pre-order, Optus was offering new Huawei Fit free of cost. This means that Optus is shipping the Huawei P10 to customers who had placed the pre-order with a free Huawei Fit.

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Huawei launched P10 and P10 Plus in Australia early this month via two carriers — Vodafone and Optus. The Vodafone store had put up P10 for pre-order with a free Huawei Watch as a gift. On the other hand, the P10 Plus is being sold through three other carriers which are Harvey Norman, JB Hi-Fi and MobileCiti.

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Source: Optus

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