HTC Sensation launched in India. Priced INR 30,699 Online at

We’re still in awe of the Samsung’s Galaxy S 2 but one phone, however good it is, isn’t sufficiently fitting for all. That why we need a choice and which phone would better the HTC Sensation when it comes to competition with the mighty SGS2. The HTC Sensation has just touched the holy soil of India — it’s available for order online at the If you’re looking forward to HTC’s Indian website for more details, you’ll be disappointed since there is nothing about HTC Sensation over there — but we guess it would be available in some retail stores pretty soon, maybe a week or so.

HTC Sensation Price

The Sensation in India is priced at INR 30,699, which is just INR 300 less than the Galaxy S 2 (INR 30,999).

Which phone is better? Galaxy S 2 v/s HTC Sensation

Well, to me, Galaxy S 2 is a winner. S2 is the slimmest (despite this!) and fastest android phone. It’s the best android phone to many and perhaps the best phone in the world (to people who are like me). But, S2 has its share of drawbacks too, which is mainly its body. Not everybody is fan of the plastic body which wraps the Galaxy S 2 and this is only where HTC Sensation looks sensational to some — all thanks to metal body. It’s made of aluminum which gives it a tough looks while the Galaxy S 2 looks a bit weak. There are absolutely no issues in daily use but some may just prefer metal body than the plastic one.

That said, both phones have respective company’s custom UI overlaid on Android 2.3 OS. While Sensation has Sense 3.0, Galaxy S 2 has TouchWiz 4.0. Between, Sense 3.0 and TouchWiz4.0, we like the latter because it’s not that much integrated and thus does not make the device suffer in speed. With Galaxy S 2, lags are very very rare but that’s not the case with HTC Sensation where you can get the lags more often than S2. But that’s not to say it lags. Sensation is real good too but the thing it’s next to S2, but yes, clearly ahead of all other android phones. After all, Sensation packs in dual-core processor, too, and it’s quite good. But again, S2’s dual-core Exynos processor is a wee bit ahead of Sensation’s dual-core Qualcomm MSM 8260 Snapdragon processor.

One more noticeable feature worth comparison is screen quality. The S2’s Super AMOLED Plus screen is gorgeous and bests the Sensation’s S-LCD screen by far margin. And the effect of this is too much to ignore if you plan to watch videos 9and movies) or play graphic intensive games. The Super AMOLED screen is the best screen in the world (even though its ppi is lower than the retina display of iphone 4).

Other than that, S2 is real thin at (just) 8.5 mm of thickness, while Sensation is 11.3 mm thick. Both have 4.3 inch screen with gorilla glass protection.

It’s safe to say that Galaxy S 2 is the best at almost everything and Sensation is next to it in almost all things bested by S2. If we were living in the ‘without Galaxy S 2’ world, Sensation would have been the best android phone — but that’s not the case.

So, if you want a phone with curvy aluminum body (and hate plastic body, totally!), HTC Sensation is your buddy. Otherwise, grab the Galaxy S 2.

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