How Much is Peacock TV? Is Peacock Subscription Worth it?

Peacock TV has been around since July 2020 but recently more and more users have been subscribing to the streaming platform for exclusive content. Fans of NBCUniversal’s content can opt for both the free and the premium subscriptions. From shows like The Office and Saturday Night Live to movies like the Harry Potter series and Jurassic Park, all are available for Peacock TV subscribers.

Thinking about subscribing and are wondering about the cost? We got you covered.

How much is a Peacock TV Subscription?

There are three types of subscriptions that you can opt for on Peacock TV. While one is free the other two are paid. Depending on your requirement you can go for either of the three subscriptions. Here is all you need to know about the three subscriptions:

Free Subscription

The free version allows users to view thousands of hours of television and movies. You also get access to news and sports updates as well as content for kids.

What you do not get with the free subscription is freedom from ads. The free version comes with ads and limited content. While you will be able to access most shows, subsequent seasons of prominent shows will be locked behind the premium subscription. The limitation will also prevent you from getting most of the exclusive content and Peacock originals as well. So, this is ideal for those who want a taste of the Peacock TV library before investing in a subscription.

Premium Subscription

The Premium Subscription is the cheapest subscription of Peacock TV. At $4.99 per month, this subscription will get you access to more content than the Free Subscription. In fact, this subscription will get you access to every show, every movie, every live sporting event, and much more which the platform has to offer. While for the Free pack you get access to limited episodes of shows, Premium viewers can access recent episodes of current shows within 24-hours of their NBC television premiere.

What this subscription does not offer, however, is ad-free content. You need to sit through the short ads even after paying for the subscription.

Premium Plus Subscription

If you want access to all of the content on Peacock TV without any of the ads then you have to take the Premium Plus Subscription. This will give you the same content as the Premium Subscription but ad-free. You have to pay an additional $5 for the $9.99 Premium Plus plan.

Note: Some content on Peacock will still be monetized using ads, unfortunately. This has been clarified by Peacock and it helps pay the rights for exclusive content from other networks. 

Is it worth subscribing to Peacock TV?

Now that you know how much the subscription costs you may be wondering if it is worth your hard-earned money. The answer depends completely on you.

Comcast, the parent company of NBCUniversal, has secured the rights to exclusively stream shows like The Office, Will and Grace, and Law & Order. For soccer fans who want to keep up with the Premier League, they can enjoy the sporting event live with their Premium and Premium Plus packs. Even without a cable package you can keep up with current NBC shows with the Premium packs.

So, if you do consume content from NBC networks and Universal movies then you should go for the subscription.

Get Premium for free!

Still on the fence about paying for another streaming platform? You can always try out Peacock TV for free.

No, we do not mean to sign up for the free pack.

On their website when you sign up for a new account you get a seven-day free trial. While creating your account you can select the pack you want. Once the trial period is up, you need to pay to continue viewing.

For Xfinity Users

Select Xfinity customers can also get free access to the Premium pack. If you have an Xfinity Flex, then you can simply download the app on your device and get a Peacock Premium subscription for absolutely free. 

Note: If you already have a Peacock account then we recommend using a different account to avail this introductory offer. 

Additionally Xfinity video and X1 users can also get a premium Peacock subscription for free if they have a valid subscription plan. Following subscribers are eligible for this offer. 

  • Xfinity Internet or higher
  • Digital Starter Tv subscriber or higher 

For Cox users

The free Premium pack access is also available to select Cox customers. This offer is available to the following users. 

  • Cox Internet Subscribers (Essential package or higher)

Users that fall under this category can enjoy the Peacock premium subscription for free for the entire duration of their Cox subscription. The cost of Peacock’s premium plan is included in your existing Cox monthly package. 

  • Cox Internet Subscribers (With Contour Stream Player or Starter Video package)

Users that fall under this category can also enjoy the premium subscription on Peacock. However, this subscription will last for a limited offer period which will be shown when you redeem your offer. Once this trial period comes to an end, you will have the choice to continue your premium subscription with Peacock for the added price of $4.99/month. 

If you have any more questions, feel free to reach out using the comments section below.