Slimmest Smartphone in World, the NEC MEDIAS N-04C. Just 7.7 mm thick and Runs Android 2.2!

Update: Since this phone isn’t available worldwide (in fact, only in japan), we’re inclined to title Galaxy S 2 as the world’s slimmest phone, although at 8.5 mm. Because phone’s availability and awareness does matters.

After the spectacle of bringing 28 devices in one single launch, NTT DoCoMo is back with another one. This time it’s the 7.7 mm thick NEC MEDIAS N-04C all ready to catch our eyes in the spring batch of android phones. Yep! It’s even slimmer than the Samsung Galaxy S2 (8.5 mm approx.) and Sony Ericsson’s Xperia Arc (8.6 mm). Surely, someone has done really wonderful job to create such a slim masterpiece. The iPhone 4 is currently the world’s slimmest smartphone but soon, it’s going to be an android phone now — and very much possibly the N-04C, rather then Galaxy S2 or Xperia Arc since they are still pretty far from release. You think iPhone 5 (or whatever it’s called, then) can break the N-04C’s record of being world’s thinnest smartphone. Nay, we guess!

A successor to N-04B, which was a flip style phone, N-04C appears to us to be a zero figure version of its predecessor. The NEC MEDIAS N-04C is powered by Android 2.2 and features a 4.0 inch screen, 1seg TV tuner and NFC contactless payment using Sony’s FeliCa standard. What we have given you is — as always, okay, many a times! — leaked out information and as for the official release, it’s said to launch on Feb 24, sadly, only for Japanese market with very little chances of getting a VISA for abroad. You know, we would love to hold (and use too) this 7.7 mm thick classy phone in our hand. We could only wish though!

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