HTC Droid DNA Release Date rumored along with a leaked press shot image

With the HTC Droid DNA getting listed on Verizon’s official support page yesterday, only the most doubtful minds could imagine that it is still a rumor. Subsequently the Droid DNA resurfaced for WiFi certification, and reportedly made it through, further affirming its existence. Verizon as well as HTC have both not made any comments on this device insofar, although we are pretty sure they have their online radars on high alert for anything that includes the letters DNA.

Minutes ago, a new render of the Droid DNA has made its way to Twitter via @evleaks, someone we know to have been deadly accurate on past predictions and leaks, including the recently announced Nexus 4 (An accurate Nexus leak can be considered the mother of all leaks). While press renders are not an unusual aspect during pre-release stages of a major product, especially when it happens to be the first ever Android handset in the US touting a Full HD 1080p display, this particular leak is a little more piquing than the average render since it includes a suspected release timeline of early December. 

While there was nary a doubt that the Droid DNA will debut on Verizon, the leaked render is a first to show us a new Droid eye, quite different from what we have come to identify as the typical Droid eye on Verizon/Moto phones, as well as a very Verizon-ish red lining around the edge. That said, early December is just about 4 weeks away. We’ve waited decades for a Full HD smartphone, so what’s another few weeks?