Verizon HTC Droid DNA is the real name of Droid DLX/Deluxe

Wow, this can’t be happening! Leak after leak, and now it turns out that everything could have been for nought? Well, that’s how it seems to be turning out– at least as far as the so-called HTC Deluxe is concerned. We’ve known HTC’s anticipated five-inch 1080p Android as the HTC J Butterfly coming to Japan, and the Verizon HTC Deluxe/DLX stateside.

A newly surfaced (Leaked) Verizon minimum advertised price sheet, mentions a previously unknown HTC device, called the HTC Droid DNA. Interestingly, this unheard of device shares the same model number as what we have come to know these days as the HTC DLX or Verizon Deluxe – model number HTC6435LVW (The LVW at the end tells us that this could be an LTE enabled device from Verizon Wireless)

Based on images and information that was leaked earlier, the HTC Deluxe, Oops! Sorry, the HTC Droid DNA was said to be going into release mode by November 20th, which happens to be about a week before Thanksgiving. Nice timing, HTC and Verizon! Wait up – word has it that the pricing for this device is likely to be at the $199 mark with a 2 year contract. Now if Verizon is going to start offering beastly devices like these for such a sweet price, we wouldn’t be surprised to see crowded streets near Verizon stores.

The question is, will this device retain the same moniker by then, or would we be hearing about a few more signature HTC code-names? Let’s wait and  watch.

For those who missed the bus, the rumored/currently known specs, talk of a quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor coupled with 2 GB RAM, a 5-inch 1080p display, 16GB internal storage, an 8 MP main camera, and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. With those kinda specs, do you really care whether it’s called the HTC DLX, or Verizon Deluxe, or the Verizon Droid DNA? After all, in  the Android world, if the specs are awesome, what’s in a name really?

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