HTC Droid DNA press image leaks on twitter

The HTC Droid DNA pipeline seems to be leaking worse than a case of plumbing gone wrong! So much better for us. We now have an face to put to the phone thanks to a twitter leak. Of course we did see the eye much earlier, but this pic finally confirms the phone exists somewhere  more than just gossips between Verizon and HTC.

The HTC Droid DNA has been in the rumor circle for a really long time under various names like HTC Deluxe, HTC Incredible X, Droid DLX and anything else that sounds similar. If only there was an actual phone to follow up every name we would have a range of exciting new phones to look forward to.

For those who have surprisingly stayed ignorant about the much talked about arrival – the HTC Droid DNA is in U.S and boasts of some impressive hardware specs: 1.5 GHz quad-core processor, 5-inch 1080p display with 441 PPI, 2 GB RAM, etc.

It is rumored to be prepping for a launch on November 20th, and certain whispers have led us to believe that this date shall be confirmed at a press release held by Verizon and HTC on November 13th.

Looks to us like the only people who have kept really quite about the rumored HTC Droid DNA this far are Verizon and HTC.