How to Turn Off Profile Views on TikTok and What Happens When You Do

The Profile Views feature on TikTok could be your best friend or a total snitch depending on the perspective you find yourself in. It could tell you who visited your profile or even reveal your footprints to others if you visit theirs. 

Want to know how to make the best use of the feature? You are in the right place! Let’s trace the steps involved in turning Profile Views off on TikTok.

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How does Tiktok Profile View work?

The Profile Views feature on TikTok is like a visitor log that keeps track of everyone who visits your profile over a period of 30-days. It is surprisingly simple in terms of function — it gives you the usernames of all the visitors in a list form in reverse chronological order. The most recent visitor takes the top spot and so continues the order of appearance. 

Profile Views work with a clear mission, which is to offer a window to keep an eye on who visits your profile. However, for the feature to actually work, both the visitor and the visited must have Profile Views enabled. If you visit someone’s profile with the featured disabled, then they won’t know about your visit; at the same time, you will get no notification about who visited your profile either.

Another attribute of the Profile Views feature is that, when you turn it off at any point, you simply disappear from the visitors’ list of other users. So, if you wish to hide your profile visiting activity from someone, simply toggle off the Profile Views and wait for 30-days to pass since your latest visit to their profile.

In a nutshell, for the Profile Views feature to work, both the parties involved should enable the feature on their profile. Even if only one of you turns it off, both of you lose the ability to view details pertaining to profile visiting activity (related to each other).

If you are a creator who is interested in data related to your viewers and followers, Profile Views is a nifty tool to get a good look at everyone who has taken an interest in your videos or account enough to visit your profile. Besides, it is also the only list at present to gather information on individual accounts who interact with your account as you get no such list to see who viewed your video.

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How to turn off Profile Views on TikTok

Tap the profile icon on TikTok to go to your profile.

Hit the eye icon located near the top-right corner.

Tap the Gear icon in the top right to view the options.

Turn off Profile view history using its toggle button and then tap on the close (x) button.

There, just a few simple taps and you have disabled the Profile Views feature on your account. But, there are a few effects that tag along when you turn off Profile Views.

If you change your mind later, see this page about turning on Profile Views on TikTok.

What happens when you turn off Profile Views on TikTok?

When you turn off Profile Views, you disappear from all visitors’ lists on other people’s profiles. If you do not turn it back on until the 30-days period is up, you can remain hidden from their Profile Views list. 

Your appearance on the list depends upon your time of visit; that means, the more new visitors they get, the more you pushed down the list as long as you do not visit their profiles again. If you turn it back on impulsively, be aware that you will immediately reappear in their list of Profile Views.

The only way to escape the omniscient eyes of Profile Views without disabling the feature is by blocking the other party on TikTok.

Why turn off Profile Views on TikTok?

Profile Views is helpful when you are at the top of the chain getting information about who visited your profile. It might not be so desirable to have others know you visited their profile, though, especially if you visited someone’s profile accidentally or if you visit their profile a little too often.

Here is how it works. TikTok Profile Views only keeps records of the profile visits. If you visit someone’s profile when the Profile Views feature is turned off, they won’t get notified of your visit. Similarly, you won’t get notified if someone visits your profile during this period.

If you visit someone’s profile with Profile Views enabled, you can still remove the trace of your visit by turning off Profile Views. However, if you turn it back on before the 30-days view history period has passed, you will reappear at once in their Profile Views list when the feature is re-enabled.

Another way to remove yourself from someone’s Profile Views list is to block them. Of course, this is the last resort method to turn to when you have no other choice.

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Why not turn off Profile Views on TikTok?

Profile Views gives key information about the traction your videos or account has managed to generate in the viewer community. For instance, the more “new”, “unfamiliar”, and “unique” profile visits you get, the more you get affirmation that the TikTok algorithm is sending your video to others’ Home feed.

If you are a creator, Profile Views can be used as the material to study your audience — who visits your profile, what age group or community they belong to, what kind of content they prefer, etc. 

If you disable Profile Views altogether, you would be wasting away the opportunity to take a gander at your organic audience.

Well, of course, you can also use it to see how often someone visits your profile. The Profile Views feature doesn’t show a time-stamp against the username in the Profile Views list to see when and at what time they visited your profile.

However, with each new visit, their username would jump to the most recent position from the previous location conspicuously giving away information about the ‘relevance’ or ‘currency’ of the activity. These all apply to you as well if you visit someone’s profile with Profile Views turned on.

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Will it show you visited their profile if you have blocked them?

If you block someone, your profile visit history disappears from their Profile Views list as soon as you block them. If you unblock them before the 30-days history period is up, then you will reappear in the list.

But, if you sneak into their profiles during the period in which you have blocked them, they won’t get notified about the event nor will your account show up in their Profile Views list.

Will past Profile Views show up after unblocking someone on TikTok?

If you unblock someone before the 30-days Profile Views history has passed, then yes, your footprint re-emerges in their Profile Views list.

Under the given scenario, your most recent visit in the order of appearance in relation to other viewers they received during the period will be shown under their Profile Views.

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How to remove yourself from someone’s Profile Views

As we already discussed, there are two ways to remove yourself from someone’s Profile Views — one is to turn off Profile Views on your profile. When you turn off Profile Views, your profile visiting activity won’t be notified nor will you get alerted if they visit yours. It is a two-way street. 

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Another method is to block their account so that you not only get removed from their Profile Views list but also get to block them from viewing your account.

The ultimate method is to just delete your TikTok account, but, deleting your account just to remove yourself from their Profile Views might be an over-the-top move.

Hope we answered your questions! You are welcome to drop in the comments any queries or suggestions!