How To Sort And Get ‘Most Recent’ Posts On The New Facebook News Feed

In a bid to stay relevant and up to date with the latest trends, Facebook has introduced a number of features like Rooms, Reactions, etc. Now, however, Facebook is in for a whole makeover. The new Facebook layout has already started rolling out to users and is soon going to be the official layout. However, this new layout has not been well received since a lot of the old features that were used quite often have been tucked away. In this article, we will cover how you can organize your Facebook News Feed to display the most recent posts.

What is the Facebook News Feed?

The News Feed is the FYP (For You Page) of Facebook. It displays content from your friends, pages you follow, users you are subscribed to, and basically everything that you choose to view. The News Feed has seen some changes over the years, but none as drastic as the new Facebook layout.

Facebook’s News Feed is constantly being updated as users post newer content. That is why it is important to have an option to keep the most recent content at the top. The News Feed gives you options to block posts, report content, and even follow new groups all in one place.

How To Get ‘Most Recent’ Posts On The New Facebook Newsfeed

While on the old Facebook layout, the option to sort your Feed by ‘Most recent’ was right beside the News Feed, the new layout has changed this position. While it is still easy to find, users do not know where exactly to look!

On PC (Web)

To sort your News Feed on the Facebook website, visit the website in a web browser and sign in with your credentials. You will be greeted by the News Feed page. In the left panel, click ‘See more’.

Now scroll down and click ‘Most recent’.

The Facebook News Feed will refresh and now show you the most recently posted content at the top.

On iPhone and Android

You can also sort your News Feed on the Facebook mobile app. To do so, launch the Facebook app on your device. Now tap the hamburger menu in the top right corner.

Scroll down and select ‘Most Recent’. This will refresh your News Feed and show you the most recently posted content at the top of your Feed.

Can you make ‘Most Recent’ the default for your News Feed?

When you load Facebook, whether it is on the mobile app or a web browser, the new layout forces the News Feed to populate by ‘Top Stories’. This is content that Facebook believes will entertain you. It is a mixture of high interaction posts sorted by topics that you follow.

When you use the above method to switch the way your Feed populates, it refreshes your Feed to show you the most recently posted content by people and pages that you follow. However, this does not last. While there is no official word on this, it seems the app will go back to the default ‘Top Stories’ setting within 24 hours. So there is currently no way to make ‘Most Recent’ your default setting for your Facebook News Feed.

We hope this article helped. What do you think of the new Facebook News Feed layout? Let us know in the comments below. 


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  1. Don’t know about smart phone facebook app, but on my pc the only way I could get the “most recent” button to appear was to add some “favorites” by checking some friends as favorites. Then i got out of facebook and back in. Only then did most recent appear. I could toggle between most recent and the facebook algorithm selection in the news feed by clicking the HOME button, although now when I toggle to show the “top posts” only 3 or 4 posts show up??? Also I noticed the “most recent” button occasionally would not appear until I again hit the HOME button. So apparently you have to have some favorites selected to activate the “most recent” button, and even then you may have to toggle the HOME button to get it to show up. Totally goofy. it took me hours to figure this out. The official Facebook “how to” page does not discuss this at all. It simply says scroll down on the left hand options and then More, and the “most recent” button will appear there–but it doesn’t. Hopefully facebook will remember what I’ve done and not require me to add or delete favorites to keep the “most recent” button working!

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