How To See YouTube Dislikes Again With an Extension

Last month, Google announced that they will remove the dislike count from their video platform to reduce the dislike attacking behaviour from the users. It is something that has racked up a good deal of controversy among YouTube users.

The good news is, there is an easy, neat solution available if you want to see the dislike count on a video on YouTube. At least for now (more on that below). Follow this step-by-step guide on how to show dislikes on YouTube with the help of a browser extension.

How to see dislikes on YouTube for now

To bring the dislike counter back, install this extension called “Return YouTube Dislike” in your Chrome browser or any other browser that is based on Chromium. Find the link below.

We are using Google Chrome for the purpose of this guide.

So, click the link above to reach the extension’s page. Next, click Add to Chrome.

A pop-up will appear as shown below. Click Continue to install.

How To YouTube Dislikes With An Extension

After that, another pop-up will appear. Now, click Add extension.

How To YouTube Dislikes With An Extension

Chrome will then go ahead and install the extension. Once done, you will get a confirmation pop-up for the same.

How To YouTube Dislikes With An Extension

To find the newly added extension, click on the extension icon to the right of the address bar.

How To YouTube Dislikes With An Extension

Once you do that, a list of all your added chrome extensions will show up and you can see that Return YouTube Dislike extension has been successfully installed.

Now play any video on YouTube and you should be able to see the dislikes count like earlier.

How To YouTube Dislikes With An Extension

Furthermore, you can check the exact number of dislikes too by simply hovering the mouse cursor to dislikes count.

How To YouTube Dislikes With An Extension

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What is Return YouTube Dislike?

The dislike button on YouTube had become a bit of a tool to attack someone using their videos. So, to reduce this dislike attacking behavior, Google decided that they will remove the dislike count on their video platform.

The Return YouTube Dislike is an extension available for users of Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, Brave, and iOS that allows you to restore the dislike counter on YouTube to add to the overall experience you have on the platform. The extension, when installed, automatically starts displaying the dislike count on videos like before.

Is it A Permanent Solution?

No, sadly, this solution is not permanent. The extension as it is now is using the data from the YouTube API. Anyone who is using the API for public data can still see the updated dislike count for any video they want on YouTube. Which is fine, but this thing is, all that is set to change as Google has confirmed that they will remove access to this data on December 13, 2021. 

The team behind the Return YouTube Dislike extension revealed that they will use archived stats and other user data from their extension to continue to develop the dislike counts, but you can’t expect it to be of big help.

That’s all.