What does the blue dot on YouTube mean?

YouTube is one of the most viewed streaming platforms in today’s day and age thanks to its huge library of content and content creators. YouTube also acts as a great platform for new creators as well that are looking to get their creations out into the world. If you have been using YouTube for a while now then you have probably come across a blue dot on some of the videos on YouTube. Let’s take a quick look at it.

What is the Blue dot on YouTube?

The Blue dot on Youtube can often be seen beside your subscriptions and this means that there is new content available from that particular creator. If you are seeing a blue dot then it is likely that the channel in question has recently posted new content. It could be a new video, a post in the community tab, or even a Livestream. You can check it out from your notifications if you are subscribed to the channel or from the channel homepage itself.

What is the Red dot on YouTube?

The Red dot on youtube is quite controversial and often is used to denote banned shadowbanned, or disabled channels. The red dot essentially implies that the channel is currently unavailable without specifying the reason for its unavailability. If you are seeing a red dot beside the channel of your favorite creator then it is likely that you won’t be able to access content offered by them anytime soon.

Why am I seeing a blue dot when there is no new content?

New Content is available

There could be several reasons why you are seeing a blue dot when there isn’t one. This could highly be the case if you are using the desktop version of YouTube. The desktop version uses the blue dot to notify you about new videos, new live streams, new community posts, and more whereas the mobile version only uses the blue dot to inform you about new videos. If you are seeing a blue dot but no new video, then try checking for new live streams or community posts.

Incomplete video

This is a rare scenario but if you skipped a new video by your creator by only watching a few seconds of it, then Youtube can sometimes glitch and still show the blue dot for the skipped video. To get rid of this, you can play the video and skip to the end so that Youtube thinks that you have watched the video. You can also try clearing it from your watch history if skipping to the end does not work for you.

Data not refreshed or synced

If there is still no new content from the creator but you are still seeing the blue dot, then it is likely that youtube is showing you a cached preview of the channel. No matter if you are using the desktop or the mobile version, try refreshing your YouTube feed. The blue dot will either vanish or the page will refresh with new content available from your creator.

Cache acting up

If you are using a mobile or desktop browser to access Youtube then you should try clearing the cache of your browser. This will help get rid of any temporary files which will help you load up Youtube from scratch. This will get rid of any conflicts or glitches that were causing the blue dot to show up again and again.

How to remove a blue dot on YouTube?

As discussed earlier, blue dots on YouTube are notifications for new content from your subscribed creators. You get rid of them like any other notification on your device, which is by simply marking it as read. Follow the guide below to get rid of blue dots on YouTube.

Open the YouTube app on your mobile device and find the subscribed channel in your list that has a blue-dot beside it.

Now tap on it to open it.

Use the back gesture/button on your mobile device to go back to the previous screen.

And that’s it! The blue dot should now have disappeared from that particular subscribed channel and the notification should now be marked as read. You can do this on other channels as well to get rid of blue dots. However, there is no way to get rid of blue dots for multiple channels simultaneously.

Note: You can use the same procedure on the desktop to get rid of blue dots as well. However, YouTube has recently started replacing the ‘Blue dot’ with activities on the desktop version. You can still use this method to get rid of the activities notification on your subscribed channels.

Blue dots should now be removed from the particular YouTube channel selected by you.

We hope this guide helped you easily understand the basics of the blue dot on youtube. If you have any more questions, feel free to reach out to us using the comments section below.

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  1. I keep seeing a blue dot in the right column, next to a channel I subscribe to… however, when I check the channel, there’s nothing new. Newest video is from 10 months ago… Why is this happening?

    I’ve tried all the methods you’ve described & yet, still the blue dot is there.

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