How to Reload Webpages in Safari on iPhone and iPad on iOS 15

With iOS 15, Apple is bringing a ton of changes to its mobile operating system with new additions in NotificationsWeather, Find My, Spotlight, Photos, and FaceTime. Safari itself is getting an overhaul in terms of design and use with a focus on improving your browser experience and making one-handed usage more convenient.

Unlike with other iOS system updates where changes are relatively inconsiderable, the new Safari can be visibly different for many of you who didn’t anticipate these changes. Because of this, it may sure take you some time to get used to browsing the web on iOS 15. One of the features you may miss on iOS 15 is the ease of re-loading a webpage with a single tap as there no longer is a ‘Reload’ button on the address bar at the top. 

If you’re wondering how you may reload webpages in Safari on iOS 15, the following post should help you get it done in three different ways. 

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How to Reload Webpages in Safari on iOS 15

When moving from iOS 14 to iOS 15, the most prominent thing you’ll notice is the relocation of the address bar which is now easily accessible with your thumbs as it’s now present at the bottom. Apple now calls it the Tab bar since it’s also where you interact with other tabs that are open on Safari. You can now use any of these following three methods to reload a webpage in Safari on iOS 15. 

Method #01: Using the Swipe Gesture

The new Safari on iOS 15 brings an all-new feature that you may have used on other browser apps like Google Chrome. You can now reload a page by pulling or swiping it down from its top portion to reload it. 

When you reload the page this way, you should see a buffering icon (a circle with several lines coming out of it) at the top and this icon will disappear when the reload is complete. 

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Method #02: Using 3-Dots button

If you aren’t a fan of the swipe gesture but you want to tap your way through reloading a webpage, you can also do that. For this, you need to first have a webpage open on Safari. To reload the webpage, first tap on the 3-dots icon on the right side of the Tab bar at the bottom. This icon will be positioned on the left side of the Tabs icon. 

This will open a menu from the bottom of the screen. In this menu, tap on the Reload button at the top of this menu. 

Method #03: Using Quick access options on Tab Bar

Another way you can access the Reload option is by using the Quick access features of the Tab bar. Quick access from the Tab bar will only show you the necessary options for a webpage. To access Tab Bar’s Quick settings, tap and hold on the Tab Bar at the bottom. 

This will bring up the overflow menu on the screen. Here, select the ‘Reload’ option to refresh the webpage. 

This overflow menu can also be accessed on a minimized Tab Bar by tapping and holding on it. 

That’s all you need to know about refreshing a webpage in Safari on iOS 15. 


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