WhatsApp to get New Interface for Text-Based Status Updates and Ability to Forward and Rewind Videos

What to know

  • WhatsApp’s status editor page will soon get a separate Text option to allow faster text-based status updates.  
  • WhatsApp’s also rolling out the ability to rewind or forward a video by ten seconds. 

WhatsApp is continually being improved upon with regular updates. Recent reports indicate that WhatsApp’s working on a new interface for status updates to give text-based updates their own space. Additionally, WhatsApp is also improving video playback on the platform, allowing users to rewind or go forward.

Folks at WABetaInfo unearthed a new status update page on the WhatsApp beta for Android version The status editor now shows the Text, Video, and Photo, options at the bottom of the screen, which will allow users to quickly choose which type of update they want to share with others. 

Image: WABetaInfo

Currently, the status update page only shows video and photo options while the text option has to be selected by tapping on the pencil icon at the bottom right corner. With a dedicated Text option on the same page as other forms of status updates, sharing text-based status updates will get faster than ever. 

Already there are many new WhatsApp features on the horizon, such as the ability to mention contacts in your status, but new updates are constantly in the works. Another important feature that will soon become available to users is the ability to seek a video forward or backward by ten seconds.

To rewind a video by ten seconds, double-tap to the left of the video; to forward a video by ten seconds, double-tap to the right of the video.  

This update to video playback on WhatsApp has been a long time coming and will finally give users more control over watching videos that have been shared by others. 

The feature is currently being rolled out on iOS. Android users may have to wait a few weeks before it’s available officially, but it’s available on beta version if you don’t want to wait. 

Some other recent WhatsApp updates include pinning three messages per chat, searching chats by date, and new formatting options on WhatsApp. Such back-to-back updates ensure that the messaging app remains relevant and on top of the game. 

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