WhatsApp Lets You Pin Three Messages per Chat

What to know

  • You can now pin up to three messages per chat, including text messages, images, videos, emojis, and polls. 
  • Messages can still be pinned for a day, a week, or a month.  

WhatsApp introduced an important message-pinning feature within chats last December. Now, it’s improving upon it by letting you pin up to three messages in your chats. Keeping important messages pinned in a chat is an easy way to access information that you know you will require again later.

This includes pinning not just text messages, but also images, videos, emojis, and polls. The ability to pin up to three messages is available on both one-on-one as well as group chats. With this update, you won’t have to compare multiple important messages to choose which one to pin.

It’s also a good way to pin crucial information such as addresses and group chat rules, so users are directed toward it with just a tap. For group chats, only admins can decide who gets to pin messages. 

Apart from an increase in the number of pinned messages per chat, everything else is still the same. The messages can still be pinned for no more than 30 days. If you want to keep the messages pinned for more than a month, you’ll have to return to the message and pin it again. 

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