WhatsApp Will Soon Let You Mention Contacts in Status Updates

What to know

  • An upcoming WhatsApp feature will soon allow users to mention their contacts in their status updates.
  • The mentioned contacts will be notified that they’ve been mentioned in a status update.
  • The feature is already available on WhatsApp beta for Android (version for select users.

You will soon be able to tag and mention your contacts in your WhatsApp status updates. The feature, which is currently under development, will allow users to engage one or more contacts in their status updates. By the same token, others will be able to mention you in their statuses as well. 

Image: WABetaInfo (X)

As highlighted in the screenshot above, those mentioned in the status updates will be notified about it. It’s one way of making sure that the mentioned contact cannot ignore your status update, and perhaps reply or react to them. The steps to mention contacts in a WhatsApp status update won’t be much different than how you tag friends on Instagram.

It’s not unlike Meta to borrow features, even if it is from its own catalog of apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Threads. Including features that have worked in the past is a tried and tested strategy. 

But this does mark a clear departure from WhatsApp’s usual set of features that have hitherto focused on improving the messaging side of things. With this update, Meta may run the risk of homogenizing the platforms, especially when one considers other community-based features such as WhatsApp Channels.  

The feature is already available for select beta users on the WhatsApp beta for Android in version 

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