How To Get Spotify ‘Only You’ Link

With over 70 million tracks and counting, Spotify is  the leading music streaming platform in the world. The service, which is available on all operating systems, is easily configurable, comes with an ad-supported free tier, and promises to get better with every passing update. 

However, Spotify isn’t only known for its music streaming capabilities. It is its ability to grow the extra mile — to give users a unique perspective about their listening habit — that makes a difference.

In its latest attempt to woo over 350 million users, Spotify has introduced something called ‘Only You.’ Today, we’ll check out what it is and tell you how you could get and use its link.

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What is ‘Only You’ in Spotify? 

Spotify’s new campaign, ‘Only You,’ is all about celebrating the uniqueness of its diverse userbase. It allows you to take a closer look at your favorite artists, music eras you love, and so much more. At the end of the experience, you will get curated playlists — just like you do during the year-end Wrapped event.

You can then share your unique taste and combination with all your friends in the form of Facebook, WhatsApp, or Instagram stories. This feature adds a human touch to the whole AI experience, and Spotify has done a commendable job at hitting the target. 

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How to get Spotify ‘Only You’ Link

In an ideal scenario, you will be able to get to the Only You area with a couple of taps, from the Spotify home page itself. However, if that doesn’t work, getting a link is the next best thing. Thankfully, getting the Only You link and accessing the newly-curated Spotify link isn’t a difficult task. You can get the Spotify Only you Link in one of two ways. 

First, you could use Google to look up the Spotify Only You page. Simply tap on Google search and look for “Spotify Only You.” Spotify Only You should be at the top of the search page.

Second, you could also visit the ‘Only You’ page directly here: — either click the link or simply type it yourself. This would directly launch the Spotify app and take you to the Only You section. Click on this link to open the Only You page.

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How to use Spotify Only You Link

Once you get the Spotify Only You Link — either through Google or the direct link — you simply need to tap on it to redirect it into the app launch. Tapping on the link would launch the Spotify app and take you to the Only You section directly. 


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