How to fix the ‘not eligible for Premium Duo’ problem on Spotify

It won’t be surprising to know that Spotify is the most popular music streaming service with over 280 million monthly users that owes to its vast music content and finely-tuned features. Even with an extensive user base, the service continues to find newer ways to lure in more customers with attractive plans and one of which is the Premium Duo subscription.

However, several users are finding it hard to sign up for Spotify Duo. The following post has thus been written to help users solve the ‘not eligible for Premium Duo’ problem on Spotify.

What is Spotify Duo

Introducing Spotify Premium Duo

Spotify recently released a new subscription plan called Spotify Duo as an alternative to Spotify Premium and Premium Family plans. Spotify Duo provides two Spotify Premium accounts that will be billed under a single plan with all premium features like ad-free, offline listening, and on-demand playback for as low as $12.99 per month.

The subscription is intended for two people residing at the same address, meaning a couple, two siblings, or roommates can all use it once their address is verified as same. Duo users will also get an automatically-generated Duo Mix playlist that will combine the music that both Duo users listen to inside a single playlist so that they can discover audio they both enjoy.

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Why am I not eligible for Spotify Duo

Soon after the release of Spotify Duo, several users are reporting that they’re unable to switch to a Duo account. The affected users are getting the error message that they are “not eligible” for Spotify Duo when trying to sign up for a Spotify Duo subscription.

The problem seems to persist for those who are subscribed to Spotify Premium Student, Premium + Hulu and Premium Family plans as well as for individuals who live in a region other than the countries supported by Spotify Duo. At the moment, users who are upgrading their Premium Individual account to Premium Duo on Spotify are most likely to not encounter the issue.

How to fix the Spotify Duo ‘not eligible’ problem

If you’re experiencing the Spotify Duo ‘not eligible’ message when signing up for Premium Duo on the music streaming service, then you should be able to fix it by following the steps given below.

Solution #1: If you’re subscribed to Spotify Premium Student

A Spotify user shared that attempting to sign up for a Duo subscription resulted in the error message that read “It looks like you’re not eligible for that offer, but we found more for you”. As it turns out, you won’t be able to directly switch from a Premium Student to Spotify Duo.

To solve this issue, you will have to switch your account type to Spotify Free first, and only after that, you would get the option to upgrade to a Premium Duo account.

Solution #2: If you have a Spotify Premium + Hulu account

If you’re someone who had previously signed up for a Spotify Premium + Hulu plan, then chances are that you might not be able to view the Premium Duo plan when browsing through different subscriptions to purchase from your account. In case you clicked on the Spotify Duo page, you might still be unable to sign up as Spotify will show you the “you’re not eligible for that offer” error message.

To solve the issue, you will need to cancel your Spotify Premium + Hulu membership and switch to a regular Spotify Premium account (without Hulu) instead. Once that has been taken care of, you should be able to see a Premium Duo option when changing plans and you can sign up and pay for the plan from there.

Solution #3: If you want to switch from Spotify Family subscription

Before announcing the Premium Duo subscription, the only way to buy multiple Premium accounts under the same billing plan was by purchasing a Spotify Family subscription. The Premium Family membership is intended to be used by 6 people living under the same roof and is available for $14.99 per month.

If you previously purchased Spotify’s Premium Family subscription but you only want to have two Premium accounts instead of six, then you might want to switch to Premium Duo. However, users reported that they were unable to change their subscription from Premium Family to Premium Duo and instead received the “you’re not eligible for this plan” error.

Spotify has acknowledged this issue and has escalated it as “Under investigation” inside the Spotify Community page. If you’re someone who’s experiencing the same problem, then you can upvote it by clicking on the ‘+VOTE’ button on this page and provide Spotify with your current plan details, country, and a screenshot of the error you’re getting.

Solution #4: If none of the above solutions work

Spotify’s latest Duo release is aimed at 55 new markets where the music streaming service is present which adds to the 14 countries where the service was launched last year.

You will be able to switch to a Premium Duo plan on Spotify if you’re in the US, UK, India, Canada, France, Brazil, Japan, Denmark, Ireland, Poland, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, and more.

You can check if you can to subscribe to Spotify Duo from the region you reside in by clicking here. In case you’re unable to access Premium Duo in your selected country, keep an eye on Spotify Newsroom and Twitter account for the latest announcements.

Were you able to successfully solve the “not eligible” for the Premium Duo problem on Spotify? Let us know in the comments below. 

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