How to fix ‘Video Calling not working or available’ problem on Samsung Galaxy devices

Google Duo Contacts List
Google Duo Contacts List

Over the last few years, video calling has become one of the most used features on smartphones. Almost every smartphone manufacturer, if not all, has integrated video calling into the main dialer app, but due to carrier limitations, it isn’t always possible.

Samsung Galaxy devices, too, suffer from this issue, resulting in video calling unavailability and dropped calls. From the manufacturer’s point of view, there isn’t much to do, so, it’s up to the users to seek out the best solution.

As of now, using a third-party video calling app seems to be the most viable alternative. And when it comes to delivering top-of-the-line, seamless video calling, there is no better app than Google Duo. The app has a bunch of features, and with a little help, you can enhance your experience even further.

After allowing Google Duo to access your contact list, you’ll get to video call your contact, who have the app installed, directly and conveniently from the app itself.


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