How to fix empty notifications issue because of night mode on Samsung devices [Dark theme issue]

The Night mode/theme is one of the most popular features in the world of smartphones right now. It puts less strain on your eyes, especially in darker surroundings, and has a positive impact on your device’s battery life.

Google finally implemented the system-wide dark theme on Android 10, but Samsung users have been using it since the inception of One UI, last year. Recently, few users have been facing difficulty while using the aforementioned Night mode, with many reporting that they have been receiving “empty” notifications.

How to fix the issue with empty notifications or font color problems

The issue is usually with notifications that users miss overnight and not the ones received throughout the day. Samsung is yet to identify the issue, but the bug seems to be affecting the ones who use Night mode scheduling.

In Night mode, the texts appear in white as the background remains black. Now, when it’s turned off automatically, the background changes to white (lighter color), but the notification text retains its earlier white font. So, if you take a closer look at the notifications, it’ll become evident that they aren’t actually empty, but have the white font.

The fix

To restore normalcy and get readable text, try toggling (on/off) the Night mode and turn Night mode scheduling back on again.

For this, go to Settings > Display > Tap Night mode to toggle On, and tap on again to toggle Off.

Fix empty notification issue

You can do so using the Quick setting toggle as shown in the GIF below.

Night Mode on and off

Samsung’s probably already working on a fix, so, make sure to download the next update as and when it becomes available. Find the latest updates here: Galaxy S10 | Galaxy S9 | Galaxy Note 10 | Galaxy Note 9

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