How to Enable and Disable Super Duper Secure Mode on Microsoft Edge

The Super Duper Secure Mode or SDSM is an experimental feature of Microsoft Edge — one that promises to drastically improve the security of the browser. It works by disabling Just-In-Time Compilation (JIT) and enabling Intel’s Control-Flow Enforcement Technology (CET).

Since it is an experimental feature, there are some creases left to be ironed out. However, given the promise of the technology, it makes perfect sense to try out the feature, even with its early quirks. So, today, we will tell you about the prerequisites of Edge’s Super Duper Secure Mode and help you enable and disable it without a hitch. 

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What are the prerequisites of Super Duper Secure Mode?

The Super Duper Secure Mode is still in its early days, meaning the standard public build does not have the feature yet. To get the Super Duper Secure Mode, you will have to be on an experimental channel — Dev Channel, Beta Channel, or Canary Channel. 

Go to and click on Download for Mac/Windows.

Download for Windows, macOS, Linux or any other supported OS

The website would auto-detect your OS when you visit the website. Install the browser and you are good to go. 

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How to enable Super Duper Secure Mode 

Enabling SDSM is pretty simple on the Edge Beta, Canary, or Dev build. First, go to the following address:


Now, look for “Super Duper Secure Mode.”

Click on the drop-down menu after you find it — it will be set to ‘Default.’

Change the option to ‘Enable.’

Restart your browser to finalize. 

How to disable Super Duper Secure Mode

Disabling SDSM is also as straightforward as enabling it. Type the following on your Edge Dev/Canary/Beta address bar and hit enter: 


Now, look up “Super Duper Secure Mode.”

Finally, hit the drop-down menu on the right of the SDSM option click on ‘Disable.’

Restart your browser to confirm the new setting. 

Should you enable Super Duper Secure Mode? 

The newly-introduced Super Duper Secure Mode is meant to stop all bugs related to JITs, which is an awful lot. However, since JITs are often responsible for making your browsing faster, there could be a dip in performance on some websites. 

Microsoft assures that there’s nothing to be concerned about in terms of performance. So, if you are desperate to get maximum security while browsing in Microsoft Edge, turning on SDSM is definitely a good idea. 


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