How to disable the Media and Devices bar on Android 10 update on Galaxy S10 and Note 10

Galaxy Note 10 and 10 Plus

Following One UI’s emphatic and successful debut, last year, the pressure is on Samsung to deliver another lightweight and efficient user interface. Based on Google’s latest Android 10, Samsung has brought the second iteration of One UI — One UI 2, this year, and we can’t help being optimistic.

We are only a couple of weeks into the One UI beta program, and the company has already rolled out the second update to the beta. The launch version wasn’t Samsung’s most polished work, to be fair. But the second one is quite an improvement in that regard.

Samsung has, pretty much, kept the look and feel of last year’s One UI intact, but there still are some subtle tweaks and refinements. One such inclusion is the Media | Devices bar just under the brightness slider. It’s helpful if you’re into Samsung’s SmartThings ecosystem and have multiple devices you regularly connect to. If not, the bar can feel a bit intrusive.

Thankfully, Samsung understands that this feature might not be as useful to many users and has granted us an option to hide it for good.

Here’s how to turn off Media and Devices bar on your One UI 2-running Galaxy S10/Note 10.

Step 1: Pull the Quick Access panel all the way down. (That is, pull down the notification bar two times.)

Step 2: Tap on the vertical three-dot icon at the top right corner (just beside the settings icon).

Step 3: Tap on Quick panel layout.

Step 4: Toggle off Show media and devices.

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  1. Thanks a lot! Dunno how i missed that in my desperate troubleshooting but i guess i needed the help. Cheers.

  2. Nice. Disabling this “feature” has not only reduced the clutter in the notification list, but also fixed a few media apps not being able to correctly show their media control notifications.

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