How to Disable Google Assistant Swipe Gesture on Android 12

When Android 10 was released a couple of years ago, Google expanded ways to trigger Google Assistant by bringing support for swiping your finger from either of the bottom corners. The move not only replaced future Pixels’ Active Edge for Google Assistant but also sparred you from actually saying “Hey Google”. 

Fast-forward to 2021, there are now more ways than ever to activate Google Assistant. We’ve got – Active Edge on existing Pixel phones, Long-press on the Power button, using Google Search bar at the bottom of the Home Screen, from inside the Snapshot section of Google Discover, Google Assistant app, and more.

With so many options to activate Google Assistant, you may want to disable some of them so you don’t accidentally invoke Google Assistant when you don’t actually need it. Fortunately, Google is now adding the option to remove the gesture to swipe from bottom corners to trigger Google Assistant and in this, we’ll explain how you can do it. 

Note: The “Swipe to Invoke Google Assistant” gesture will only be available for those of you who use Gesture Navigation on your Android phones. 


In order to disable the swipe gesture that invokes Google Assistant, you first need to be running at least the Beta 3 build of Android 12. If you’ve previously enrolled your device on the Android 12 Beta program, then can update it by going to Settings > System > System update and then tapping on ‘Check for update’.

How to Get Rid Of Google Assistant Gesture on Android 12

Once you’ve updated your Android device to the latest Android 12 beta, you can immediately disable the corner swipe gesture for Google Assistant by first opening the Settings app and then select the ‘System’ option. 

Inside System, tap on ‘Gestures’. 

On the next screen, select the ‘System navigation’ option. 

Inside ‘System navigation’, you should see the ‘Gesture Navigation’ option selected on the screen. Here, tap on the cogwheel icon on the right side of ‘Gesture Navigation’. 

Next, toggle OFF the ‘Swipe to invoke the assistant’ switch. 

This should disable the Google Assistant gesture on Android and you can be sure that the next time you swipe diagonally from the bottom corners, Google Assistant won’t pop up on your screen. 

That’s all you need to know about turning off “Swipe to Invoke Google Assistant” on Android 12.


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