How to Change a Memory’s Music on iPhone

Photos on iOS can detect important events, people, or places you capture on your iPhone by compiling the pictures and videos into a slideshow that it calls Memories. With iOS 15, the Memories feature inside the Photos app gets new features like Memory mixes, song suggestions, memory looks, and the ability to add any song available from the Apple Music library. 

In this post, we’ll help you understand how you can change the music for memories on iOS 15 Photos. 

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How to change music for a memory on iPhone

When you play a memory from the Photos app, a song gets automatically applied to it. If you wish to change the song that plays with this memory, you can do it from within the Memories section on your phone. To change music for a memory, open the Photos app on your iPhone and select the ‘For You’ tab at the bottom.

Inside the ‘For You’ screen, select the memory you want to edit from under the ‘Memories’ section. You can choose a different memory from this screen by swiping left/right inside ‘Memories’ or by tapping the ‘See All’ option.

When a memory loads up on the full screen, tap the screen once for additional options to appear. From here, tap on the Memory mixes button (the one that resembles that of a music note with star signs) at the bottom left corner.

This should open up the editing screen for your memory. From here, tap on the Music button (the one with the music note icon and a ‘+’ sign) at the bottom right corner. 

You should now see the ‘Music’ screen pop up. You can look for a track you want to apply from under the sections available – Top Suggestions, Soundtracks, and Apple Music Suggestions. When you tap on a track, Photos will play a preview of it.  

Once you’ve found your preferred music to add to the memory, tap on it to select it. 

After that, go back to the previous screen and tap on ‘Done’. 

The music you selected will appear at the bottom of the Memory Mixes screen. 

To view the memory with your newly selected music, tap on an empty area of this screen. When the memory starts playing, you should see the title of the selected music at the top of your screen. 

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Can you use a song from your iPhone library as Memory music?

No. Apple doesn’t provide a way to choose a song that you have saved on your iPhone as music for your memories. For now, you can choose tunes that are available under Top Suggestions, Soundtracks, and Apple Music Suggestions. Among these three sections, you can choose any song from the first two sections for free. Tracks that are suggested from Apple Music can only be applied to memories if you have an Apple Music subscription. 

Can you choose a Spotify track for a memory?

No, you cannot set your memory music from your favorite tracks on Spotify. At this time, Apple only allows you to choose music as a memory from its Apple Music app and not from any other service. That itself will only be possible if you have an active Apple Music subscription on your iPhone. There’s also a limitation on which tracks can be applied as memory music as you can only choose those songs from the Apple Music library that are suggested to you based on your preferences or songs played at the time. 

That’s all there is to know about changing music for memories inside iOS 15 Photos. 


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  1. I keep getting the error “track not supported” no matter what song in my library I choose. Any suggestions?

  2. Are you able to have NO music or soundtrack on a memorize video?

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