How to block Google Duplex calls to your business

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Google introduced the Google Duplex capabilities last year and received a lot of praise from tech enthusiasts given how impressive the feature actually is. Apart from being impressive, Google Duplex is a bit creepy beyond anything irrespective of how accurate and human-like Google Duplex actually speaks.

Currently, Google Duplex is only available in English for the US and has a limited set of functions. However, users can make the Google Assistant place calls to their local businesses. If you aren’t enthralled by Google’s human like call assistant placing calls to your business, then you do have the option to block Google Duplex calls.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at how to do so.

How to stop receiving Google Duplex Calls

There are a couple of ways to stop receiving Google Duplex calls to your business. Currently Google Duplex is only able to reserve tables at local restaurants in the US. However, Google would be vastly expanding the capabilities of Google Duplex in the coming years.

While the feature might be incredibly useful for the users, you may run into a few snags if your business requires direct customer input. In case you do plan to opt-out of the Google Duplex calls, then here’s how to do so:

1. Tell Google Assistant on the call

Before we proceed any further, it’s worth noting that once you do opt-out of the Google Duplex calls, your customers would not be able to reach you via the Google Assistant on their device.

Nonetheless, if you’re fine with that, then the first method to block Google Duplex calls to your business is to simply tell Google Duplex directly. This can be done when you receive a Google Assistant call to your business. You’d have to say any one of the following commands to get stop receiving Google Assistant calls.

  • “Please remove my business from your list.”
  • “Please stop calling my business”

2. Turn of Google Assistant calls via My Business settings

The second method to opt-out of the Google Duplex calls is to change the settings on your My Business settings. Opting out of the Google Assistant calls via your My Business settings is super simple and can be done within a minute.

However, this would only work if your business is verified. If not, then you would have to verify your business in order to proceed with the process. Here’s how to opt-out of Google Assistant calls when your business is verified.

  1. Sign in to Google My Business.
  2. Click on Info from the menu.
  3. You would now see a box which says Accept Google Assistant calls.
  4. Simply uncheck the box to block Google Duplex calls to your business.


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