[Update] Grand Theft Auto: Vice City released for Android, time for some violent mayhem

It’s time, time to head down to Vice City and have some fun as Rockstar has released Grand Theft Auto: Vice City on the Google Play Store, ported to mobile with updated graphics (including support for high resolution devices like the Nexus 10), optimized controls with a fully customizable layout, and the countless hours of violent and high-speed action of the main campaign.

Up until GTA San Andreas took its place as the best GTA game in the hearts of many GTA fans, Vice City was no doubt the game that brought the GTA series to a bigger scale and was critically acclaimed, though that’s something that every GTA seems privy to. Now, the legion of fans will finally be able to enjoy playing the game on their Android tablets and smartphones, though hopefully the controls this time around are less irritating than they were in GTA III, which was released for mobile almost exactly a year ago.

The game’s data requires around 1.5GB of space on your device and costs $4.99, which is quite a good price for a game that provides as many hours of fun as Vice City. However, many reviewers on the Play Store are complaining of a file validation error which is preventing the game from downloading data, but let’s hope Rockstar gets around to quickly fixing it, because I’m sure a lot of people are just itching to get their hands on this cult classic. Again.

Hit the link below to download the game from the Play Store, though keep in mind that not every device is currently supported. Now go kill some bad guys and blow up a few cars, Vice City awaits.

Update: Rockstar has currently pulled the game from the Play Store, no doubt due to the above mentioned error that users were facing. Let’s hope Rockstar republishses it soon, though maybe after a bit of testing this time.

Google Play Link

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