Best New Android Games for the week of 12th October, 2014

Hello Gamers! It’s time for your weekly dose of the new and best Android games. You’ll be finding great new games to try, which you must check out! Hope you enjoy this. Also, stay tuned with us on Google+Twitter or Facebook for more next week and so forth.

Cars: Fast as Lightning


This is a game based on the movie Cars and it is a racing game. Cars : Fast as Lightning is a new game from Gameloft, which brings in all the goodness from the film series and makes it a very enjoyable little racing game. Don’t expect Asphalt 8 like game play here, Cars is a cute little car racing game with only the accelerator and brake controls, you don’t steer in this game, your car steers itself in the circuit. The game is just perfect for kids.

Join Lighting McQueen and his new racing adventures on this cute game, get it for free from Play store.

Cars: Fast as Lightning - Launch Trailer
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Entwined™ Challenge


Entwined Challenge is a Playstation release, which usually means it is a port of a highly popular Playstation game. Entwined is a Playstation game developed by Pixelopus studios and Entwined Challenge is its Android port. The game is a kind of tunnel racer, in which you control two birds (much like the popular Duet). Entwined is a highly trippy game with awesome animations and game play (check out the trailer given below). Get it for $0.99 from Play store.

Entwined Challenge Mode HD - Fire, Earth & Metal
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U vs Me

u vs me

U vs Me is a collection of many pretty mini games. The game features a ‘versus’ game play in which you can play against your friends or random members. To win the game, you just have to win those mini games against the time with your opponent.

It may not sound fun to download a game that’s just a collection of games, but trust me you’ll enjoy this game. Get U vs Me for free from Play store.

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Octagon – Minimal Arcade Game


Octagon is a minimal arcade game, an endless runner mixed with a tunnel racer. It features a octagonal shaped ball, which you should navigate along the endless environment. It is like the popular Super Hexagon, you have to spin the world around you to survive in the fast moving world. Get it for free from Play store.

Octagon - Android launch trailer
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