Grammarly keyboard now available for Android

grammarly android app

Grammarly for Android is now live on the Google Play Store. The grammar focused keyboard that’s been available on desktop, and even on iOS, is now finally on Android. The app was released on iOS in the beginning of November.

Those who are very particular about their spellings, and grammar, will find this keyboard very useful. The keyboard can automatically find errors of all kinds on your text and provide a one click correction. Tap on the button and all your errors would be fixed.

Mistakes happen, and we all do it from time to time, specially if you spend a lot of time writing on your computer or if you type really fast. With Grammarly keyboard, you can type with more confidence and reduce those mistakes. It would also improve your grammar, which is another advantage.

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On the desktop, the tool can also install on your web browser as an add-on, and do its magic. The UI of Grammarly on Android is very similar to that of Google’s Gboard keyboard. However, above the keyboard, is a bar that shows you all the corrections, and a button to correct them all. The grammar check happens as you type, and you’ll get instant suggestions, and even explanations for your mistakes.

The app supports American and British English as of now, and it will also get a swipe feature very soon. According to the company, none of what you type is stored by them. So, it’s pretty safe to use as well. If you like to not make mistakes when you send messages, type an email, or do some work, then you have to try out Grammarly.

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