Gorogoa for Android is now available on Google Play Store

Fans of puzzle games will for sure know a thing or two about Gorogoa game form Jason Roberts, whose another popular hit is the Florence game under the same developer banner, Annapurna Interactive.

Following its debut on iOS towards the end of 2017, the Gogogoa game made its way to Sony PlayStation 4 and Xbox One about a month ago. At the time, there was still no word on when the game would be coming to Android. A well-kept secret indeed.

But as of this writing, Gorogoa is now up for pre-registration on the Google Play Store. By signing up, it means that when the publisher, Annapurna Interactive, makes it available for download on the Play Store, you will be notified right away. [Update: it’s launched now, costs $4.99.]

Pre-register for Gorogoa on Play Store

Gorogoa is an award-winning puzzle game where gamers are presented with four sliding tiles that are to be moved and played around with to keep the story going. Images can be stacked and combined or players can even zoom into each to find hidden items that were not present beforehand. All this is so as to guide a young man on his way to encounter a spiritual creature.


On iOS, Gorogoa goes for $4.99, which is the price we expect to see on Android as well. However, we still don’t know the exact day the game will be available for download, but with pre-registrations open, the wait shouldn’t be that long.

Are you looking forward to the game’s release on the Play Store?

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