Google’s Chat feature based on RCS to be Android’s answer to iMessage

RCS Rollout by Google

So here is another reason why we all love Google. Lately, the internet giant took the responsibility to roll out Rich Communication Service for Androids beginning with the UK and France. This step will prove to be significant to break the standard norms that differentiate Android from iOS users.

Although, Android users were expecting RCS support from telecom carriers when Google announced to be working with the telecom industry to get the feature in practice. But the dream couldn’t become real for Android users due to carrier politics that slowed down the process terribly. This episode bought Google to action and it finally decided to pursue the mission single-handedly.

Nevertheless to mention that US carriers seem to support RCS but there were always some tics and twitches fuming at the backend. As reported by The Verge, this is a huge shift in Google’s strategy now and it is focusing on rolling out RCS in real-time across the globe. This may prove to be a huge step towards a big change.

Speaking hopefully, RCS will soon be available to all the users across the globe as part of their text messaging app. Once RCS is available, it will be available under the Settings as Chat. Chat will give feature to Android users that iPhone users get in the iMessage app. Both Google’s Messaging app and Samsung’s messaging app are expected to support the Chat feature.

But there will be one major difference, the messages on RCS enabled Chat will not have end-to-end encryption, something that’s in effect in both iMessage and WhatsApp. This means that Google can see your messages and if a govt asks them to show them your messages, they can. Not a problem for regular users, though, we guess.

With Chat, Android users will be able to share large files and full resolution images and videos without relying on any third party apps anytime soon.