Googler’s comic illustration of the Android evolution includes references to Key Lime Pie!

Not much is known about the next version of the the Android OS which is to succeed the current Android 4,2 Jelly Bean. It is supposedly said to carry the moniker Key Lime Pie, after Google’s tradition of naming versions in alphabetical order after popular desserts.

A Google employee, Manu Cornet, who is part of the Gmail team drew a comic illustration which showed the evolution of the Android OS from it’s first public version monikered Cupcake leading up to the current Jelly Bean. As you can see above the droid on the extreme right seems to be happily chomping on something which looks mysteriously like Key Lime Pie, and conveniently comes after the droid who seems to be holding a jar of jelly beans!

Of course, Manu Cornet said that he had doodled this just for fun, and he may actually be right, as being on the Gmail team is not going to give him any visibility on what’s in the works in the mobile OS department. Secondly, that the next version of the Android OS is to be called Key Lime Pie is common knowledge among Android enthusiasts.

In any case, the cartoon at least moe or less confirms the fact that there is going to be a Key Lime Pie, and very soon we may see a giant-sized slice of Key Lime Pie suddenly gracing the Google lawns along with other desserts.

Via Engadget