Google TV gets Google Play — Movies, TV Shows and Music gets release date of ‘next few weeks’

If you’re using Google TV, this should brighten up your day. Google finally updated Google TV to enable users to purchase movies, TV shows, and music from the Google Play Store.

Movies, Music and TV shows are finally coming to Google TV via Google Play. This means that you can buy or rent content directly through Google Play on your TV, while any existing purchases you’ve already made through your Android phone or tablet will be automatically imported when you connect your Google account. You can also discover new content through its TV & Movies app, which reels in recommendations for shows and movies available on live TV, as well as competitors such as Netflix and Amazon.

Whether you’re using the Google TV service through set top boxes or a Google TV integrated TV set, you can find new content from the Google TV & Movies app. The app also includes a recommendation feature that will suggest shows from Google Play and even from its competitors including Amazon and Netflix.

Google has not revealed any information at this point on regional availability of this content outside the US market. The update has already started rolling out today, and should continue pushing out over the next few weeks.