Google Translate hits 500 million downloads on the Play Store

The official Android app for Google Translate has achieved a remarkable feat of crossing 500 million downloads on the Google Play Store. Launched a few years back, the excellent Android app has shown tremendous growth in the last few years.

Google Translate helps you translate between 103 languages by typing. Besides that, the Android app also helps you to translate anything using your camera in real time in 30 languages. Further, the Google Translate works from any app, all you need to do is copy text in any app and your translation would pop up.

And if that doesn’t satisfy you, Google translate also works offline for almost 52 languages and also has a handwriting mode where you can draw characters in 93 languages.

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Meanwhile, Google is rolling out search filters to the Play Store where in green boxes appear beneath the search box with additional search filters.

Further, if you love keeping track of the Google Play Store update, we have made it easy for you to download the APK and find out the new features. You can check the recent update here. While you are at it, bookmark this link to stay updated with Google Play Store updates.

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