Google teases the Pixel 4, confirms the most wanted camera change

Google Pixel 4 official images

Several Chinese companies like Huawei, OnePlus, and Xiaomi have this habit of releasing bits of information about their upcoming devices on social media, but usually a week or so to the main day. Ahead of the arrival of the Google Pixel 4, the search giant seems to have borrowed a leaf from the East, only that we still have over three months between now and the expected October 2019 launch.

Not long after we got our eyes on the first CAD renders, Google has moved in swiftly to confirm the leaked design with official renders published on Twitter. From the images, we can only see the back panel, although this time the view is much clearer than the CAD renders we had earlier.

Over the years, Google has stuck to one camera lens on the back of the Pixels and yet managed to compete with dual and even tri-lens setups. For the first time, the Pixel 4 will finally bring the change you’ve all been calling for. A square camera module sits in the top-left corner of the back with two lenses. There’s a pinhole above the two lenses that’s likely to be a ToF sensor or something.

Another first for a Google Pixel phone is the lack of a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner, but the ‘G’ logo in the bottom third keeps its place. At this point, it’s unclear whether the Pixel 4 will have facial recognition, an under-display fingerprint scanner, or both.

It’s unclear why Google would reveal this information months before the expected launch date. Could it be planning an early launch or its about spoiling the party for leakers? The latter looks likely, but of course, they still have some fun left – the front panel leaks.

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