Google Play is Live. New Apps Coming Soon: Play Store, Play Movies, Play Music and Play Books

Google Play

Well, Google has just transformed — and brought all its cloud offerings for android phones and tablets under one roof with that — the android market into Google Play, which is where you’ll be downloading apps and games, music, videos, books and everything else that Google has to offer, from now on.

The address to remember (or bookmark, if you’re smart) is Let’s have a look!

Basically, Google Play comprises these services:

  1. Play Store: This is your good old Android Market, which looks same and works same, and android devices running OS version 2.2 and above are in line to receive an update to android market app which will replace the same with Google Play Store app. You’ll get apps and games and live wallpapers and all other stuff here. Play Store Website Link
  2. Play Movies: You get it, all movies stuff goes here. Don’t be surprised if somebody mistakes it for a video player. Odd name, eh! Play Movies Website Link
  3. Play Books: How do you play books? Do you need RIM’s playbook for that? Well, you know the answers, let just say here that all books stuff goes here. Play Books Website Link
  4. Play Music: Over 20,000 song can be saved to your Google Play Music account and you can download and listen to them on any android device of yours with that ID. Instant access is the key, no more wires/syncing. Play Music Website Link

The old Android Market website is already directing all users to Google Play Store website. So, all apps from this very moment are being downloaded from the Google Play Store site only. It’s same looks-wise, and function-wise, but to sweeten the deal — as also celebrating it and marketing it, all of this simultaneously — there is a sale going on in the Google Play Store which gets you apps for just 50 cents.

The sale is a 7-day fest and you can find the on-sale goodies here –

Check out all the new features and get everything you need to know regarding this whole Google Play thing in Google’s words here –

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