New update to Google Play Newsstand brings easy backup and performance improvements

New update to Google Play Newsstand brings App launcher shortcuts and quick access to key tabs in app

Update [April 12, 2017]: The latest update of Google Newsstand brings the ability to backup settings and data. This will help you to transfer them to another Android device without any hassle. Also, the update improves the video ads. And what’s an update without the bug fixes? Further, you will see performance improvements in the app with the new update.

Update [March 09, 2017]: Google Play Newsstand app is getting a new update today that adds support for App Launcher Shortcuts along with several bug fixes and performance improvements.

Earlier, the App Launcher Shortcuts feature was limited only to a few stock apps that come along with the phone. Now, Google is slowly extending the feature to more of its apps.

In case you are wondering what App Launcher shortcuts actually are, they are nothing but Google’s way of providing 3D-Touch like feature to your Android handset, only the display doesn’t have to be pressure sensitive. You can long press on app’s icon to get main options of the apps right there on the launcher screen, without needing to open the app first.

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With the App Launcher shortcuts, Newsstand users will get quicker access to key tabs in the app with just a press of a button. The update while not only adding shortcuts, brings along several bug fixes and performance improvements.

Google Play Newsstand app competes directly with the likes of Apple News app to provide personalized news from multiple sources including magazines. The search engine giant had recently revamped the app to give it a more visually appealing design. Also, the app is powered by Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages framework. Meaning pages load relatively quickly.

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